New Pick Up Procedures

Good morning MCS friends and families. Please read and share this post with all your fellow MCS families/friends who pick up their children after school. Beginning TODAY, September 25th, there will be new procedures in place to create a more secure experience and so staff can be sure students are going home with the correct people.

Here is the official letter from Mr. Potter:

Here are the highlights:
Parents/guardians MUST enter through the gym only- DO NOT come through the front entrance.

Students will remain behind the staff on duty sitting on the narrow tables or standing behind them.

Students will point out their parent/guardian when the parent/guardian comes to the table. The student will come to the table, the parent/guardian will then sign in view of the duty staff. If your child is not ready, the parent/guardian must move to the back of the line. You can no longer pre-sign out your students.

Photo ID is required if the staff does not recognize you.

Kindergarten students will be picked up first. If you have a child in grades 1-3 you will need to move to the back and rejoin the line when those students arrive in the gym.


Please note, the process will continue to be reviewed and adjusted as necessary. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to email Mr. Potter.