Box Top Bonus App

Happy Thursday MCS families and friends. We hope you are enjoying your summer. Hopefully you received our end of year packet showing you all the exciting events and activities that the PTA either sponsors or participates in. Also included were many of the activities and supplies that we purchase for the students, staff, and school.  It is our hope that by having an understanding of what we do, and where we apply the funds we raise, that families will be more encouraged to support us.

As you may know, some of our fundraising opportunities last throughout the year. Box tops is one of them. Throughout the summer, clip and collect box tops in the baggie provided to you and return in your students backpack once school begins again.

In addition to clipping box tops, there is now a Bonus Box Top App.


By downloading this free app, creating an account, and designating Margaret Chase Smith Elementary School- Sanford as your school of choice you can begin earning bonus box tops for our school. The app is easy to use and offers a list of products offering bonus box tops, which change regularly. To use, simply select the products you are buying during one transaction, then snap a picture of your receipt to collect the bonus.

After selecting your items, which are highlighted pink, hit scan receipt.

Check to ensure your offers are all listed, then click scan offer.

Scan your receipt showing all the offers you selected included in one transaction. Make sure your picture includes the store name/logo. Click take photo. If the receipt if long, click add section, otherwise click finish.

Once you have submitted your receipt, you are done!

The app can be downloaded in the app store or google play.

By creating an account, you can also have access to online resources, including coupons, opportunities to enter  sweepstakes that could earn our school even more box tops, additional collection sheets, and a complete listing of all participating products.

Thanks for your continued support!