How Do I…..?

There are many online communication outlets that the school uses to share or obtain information with families. Do you know how to access those outlets? Here are the steps on how to “subscribe” to them for an even better school communication experience.

Superintendent’s Weekly Update:
Mr. Theoharides sends out an email every Sunday evening which highlights many of the wonderful things that has happened within the school district during the past week. Mr. Theoharides and Mr. Knowlton will often have important district wide updates to offer. Teachers, principles, staff, and PTAs will send in short descriptions on what has happened during the past week that are school specific. Its a great way to hear the exciting things that the schools are involved in.

Steps to Sign Up:
1. Visit website
2. Click on District
3. Click on Superintendent’s Corner from the drop down menu
4. Click on Have Update Sent to Your Email link on the right side of the page.
5. Follow prompt to Click Here
6. Complete subscriber form and click Subscribe to List.

My School Buck’s
Here is a great way to save some time, by not having to search for money on a Monday morning! My School Buck’s is an online access to your kiddos lunch account. You can add money as often as you need, and see what he/she is purchasing. Please note: there is a service fee for each time you add money. You can add as little or as much as you want each time, and any remaining money in the account at the end of year will carry over to the next year. It also will stay in the account when you child transitions to a new school.

Steps to Sign Up:
1. Visit the website
2. Click the Sign Up Today link.
3. Complete the form- choosing your state, school district, creating a password and security questions.
4. Click Create Account
5. Click Continue to Add Student
6. Select Child’s School, add name, and Student Number (Contact the Nutrition Office for this information).
7. Add money to account

Instant Alerts
Want an easy way to hear about school closings, important information, school activities, and more? Instant alerts provide that information quickly and easily as an email, text message, phone call, or page. You can opt in to receive all types of alerts or just one. You can also choose how to hear about them.

Steps to Sign Up:
1. Visit website.
2. Click on “new user” below the login boxes.
3. Complete the student information form (fields marked with an * are mandatory).
4. Click submit
5. Complete the parent information form (fields marked with an * are mandatory).
6. Click submit
7. After Receiving a confirmation message, click proceed to get started with Instant Alert

Configure your Alert Settings:
1. Click on Alerts.
2. Click on Alert Configuration.
3. Click on the tabs (phone, email, text messaging, pager) to view this person’s contact device information.
4. Enter contact information in the gray box and click add the contact device.
5. Click on the check boxes in the appropriate column to select which alert types you would like to receive on each device.
6. Click Save.