It’s almost Halloween after all!

Good evening MCS friends and families. In the past week or so, your student(s) may have talked about some visitors at our school of the 8 legged variety. These friends have been seen inside the building and along the exterior, and several have been quite large. While they are beneficial to the environment, and add a spooky decor for the upcoming holiday, they have become a distraction and causing fear among some of our students. As a result, the districts pest management folks will be coming to MCS to spray a pesticide along the school’s exterior.  This will be occurring this Friday, October 6th at 3 pm. As this is a pesticide, people should not be in direct contact with it, or inhale it during application. Once dried, within about an hour, the area is fine to use.  Luckily, this Friday happens to be a no school day due to a Teacher Workshop Day. Given that Monday is also a no school day due to the holiday, the area should be cleared and safe for staff and students. Please see the letter from Mr. Potter and note that a hard copy will be sent home with students tomorrow, Wednesday October 4.  If you have any questions or concerns, let us know how we can help, or please feel free to contact Mr. Potter.



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