End of April Wrap Up

Good morning MCS friends and families! We hope everyone had an enjoyable vacation and a smooth transition back to school. It’s hard to believe we are in the last week of April! We have lots of fun and exciting things coming up, be sure to like us on Facebook, or follow our blog to keep up to date!

Today is the final day of Maine Recycles Championship powered by CLYNK. Bring in your CLYNK bags before Hannaford closes today for them to count toward this promotion. As a reminder, Hannaford will give us an additional $0.50 for every dollar we earn! Can’t get the bags there today? That is fine too, CLYNK is a great fundraiser for us year round, so bring them in when you can 🙂

Also this week, money and orders are due by Friday for our first every Little Caesar’s Pizza Kit fundraiser. Catalogs where sent home before vacation to help with selling, but if you need another, stop by the front office at school for more! You can also order online using our fundraiser ID 331802. Reminder that orders will be delivered on Monday May 15th and will need to be picked up at the school at 3pm. We appreciate all your support in this new fundraiser!

The first week of May brings Teacher/Staff Appreciation week. The PTA will be doing a little something for our awesome staff each day to celebrate, and we are looking for your help! We are starting the week with a chalk party on Sunday, April 30th 6pm. Stop by the school and help us decorate the sidewalks with messages of thanks and love. Check out our Facebook event for more information.  The following is a run down of what we are planning for each day, and the link to sign up to help. If you have any questions, message us on Facebook, comment on this blog, or email us at mcsptame@gmail.com. Thanks for helping us make this Teacher/Staff Appreciation week extra special!!

Monday- Eats and Treats- We will be hosting a breakfast first thing Monday morning. We are looking for donations of bagels, muffins, fruit- whole or fruit salad. We are also providing a big gift basket of k-cups, granola bars, and quick pick snacks.  http://signup.com/go/YMTX7q

Tuesday- Blazing the Trail to Success- Make your own trail mix bar- We are looking for donations of yummy things for a trail mix bar. Items include- granola, dried fruit, chocolate chips and more. http://signup.com/go/3yxGtR

Wednesday- Staff Luncheon- We will be providing a potluck lunch for the staff to include Panera sandwiches, crockpot meals, salads, and more. http://signup.com/go/9JdLfL

Thursday- Supplies and Totes- The PTA was chosen to receive little tote bags for our teachers and staff from #PTOToday! Included in the bags are a couple samples and good resources. We are also hoping to replenish some supplies to get the classrooms through to the end of the year. http://signup.com/go/oj49RX

Friday- Nacho How to Thank you- Nacho Bar- We are looking for donations for a nacho bar, including tortilla chips, taco meat, toppings, etc. http://signup.com/go/aAueGH

Thank you for any help you can give us to make this Teacher/Staff appreciation a success!


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