Easy ways to help us earn!

I’ve finally done it, I earned 3 school dollars through the Hannaford Helps School program!                                                         hannafordhelpsschooldollars
If you are a Hannaford shopper, you may have seen those little tags near various products with the school house on it. The deal is, if you buy 4 participating products then Hannaford will give you $3 school dollars to be placed in our school slot on the collection tower. The catch- the 4 products have to be bought within one transaction. This promotion goes on through December 3rd so there is still time to collect those school dollars! Click here for more information, including a list of participating products.

Hannaford also helps us earn money with Clynk- bottle return.This is a great fundraiser that we run year round.
The best part of this fundraiser is anyone with returnables that live near a Hannaford can help. Need more bags? Leave a comment here, message us on Facebook, or click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCud_15zkFbTVglF6P7l00jkJDl-THVkk2eBHQ0Fb-k9ZAsA/viewform?embedded=true“>here to fill out our google form and we will get them in your kiddos backpack the next day! We also keep a stash in the front office for your convenience.

Another easy way to help us earn some money, is through Box Tops. Keep clipping and collecting them in a baggie or on a collection sheet and send them in with your student.

Don’t buy a lot of products with box tops? Check with your family and friends, or even your work mates. Anyone can help you collect, and every little box top earns us $0.10! We use the money raised through box tops to fund the buses for spring field trips. New for Box Tops for Education, a free and easy to use app for your mobile device. There are monthly products that if purchased will earn you bonus box tops. Simply down load the app, select the products you are buying from the list, then scan in your receipt. The box tops are automatically added to your account, which you can link to Margaret Chase Smith PTA! Click here for the list of participating products, coupons, and information on the brand new app!

Finally- if you are an Amazon shopper, we’d love for you to use smile.amazon.com/ch/47-3085726. It is used to same way with the same great products as amazon.com does.
When you shop on AmazonSmile, choose Margaret Chase Smith PTA as your charity of choice (once selected it will display as Maine Parent Teacher Association INC. This is correct!!), and for every qualified purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5% to us! This is a no cost to you fundraiser, the money comes directly from Amazon, based on how much you buy. So if you are gearing up for Black Friday and holiday shopping, then please consider helping us out!

Thank you to all our MCS families and friends who continue to support us!


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