Donor’s Choose Project #3

Good morning friends!

I just checked out Donor’s Choose website, and found out two of the projects were fully funded yesterday! Mrs. P’s and one of Mrs. D’s projects were fully funded by one amazingly generous person and now a third grade class and first grade class with have new books to read and learn!

With that in mind, let’s see how much help we can give our next teacher. Today’s highlighted project is for kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Badger. Her project is twofold. the first part of the project is for a Storage and Display Cart. The big display board that is part of this unit will help all students see what is being taught no matter their location. This unit will be housed in their Morning Meeting space; an area used throughout the day to promote group learning.

Mrs. Badger is also looking for a new classroom carpet for their meeting area. As with the Storage and Display Cart, the carpet will  be used multiple times throughout the day. Click here to check out her Donor’s Choose project and donate if you can!

Also remember to check out the other great projects from our wonderful teachers and check back in tomorrow for our next highlighted project!


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