In case you missed it

Mr. Potter’s weekly update came home yesterday, and here are some highlights for those who might have missed it:

If you pick up your kiddos from school, please exit the cafeteria once you have your student as Kids Club uses that space for their after school program. It can be a bit confusing on who is staying and going for staff if families stay inside to chat. If you choose to stay to chat with other families or let your kiddos play for a few minutes, you are welcome to use the kindergarten/1st grade playground side. Please note this is change from the first several weeks of school. As Kids Club uses the front playground, families are being asked to use the playground out back for extra play time. Thank you for your understanding.

Reminder- visitors to the school MUST sign in and receive a visitors badge from the office. This procedure is in place for the safety of our students and staff. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

This week is National School Bus Safety Week, with Friday October 23rd being School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!  With regards to the busing situation: Many improvements have been amde with the majority of buses at MCS by 3:25. Buses are now having to wait in line for a chance to move close enough to load the students safely. In an effort to speed up bus dismissal, parents are asked to NO LONGER PARK in the drop off lane in the front drive AFTER 3:20. This change will being TODAY! This means the drop off lane will now be a second bus lane which will hopefully eliminate the long wait and help shorten the time our students are on the bus. All students will continue to be escorted to each bus as has always happened. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping this lane open after 3:20.

Terrific kids who were recognized this past Friday morning (apologies for any student whose name was forgotten):
Kindergarten: Caity Szymbor, Owen Jeannette, Naiel Santoro, Leah Ott
1st: Evan Cormier, Kayleigh Rogers, Aaron Shea
2nd: Carter Giroux, Johnathan Rideout, Candace Lanteigne
3rd: Noah Corliss, Savannah Knight
Mrs. Bryant’s entire class
Congratulations to all those kiddos for their hard work!


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